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Gallery: now showing the work of Christopher Porché West 



  • Framed prints - individually priced (Shipping expenses for framed print will need to be arranged after purchase, each beautiful frame is different and requires unique handling and shipping solutions.)

  • 17x22 prints - $250 (Free shipping)

  • 24x30 prints - $350 (Free Shipping)


Please Note:


Due to Covid-19, viewing the work is by appointment only since that room is now closed to the pubic.


Please contact Christopher to arrange a viewing:




About Christopher


A native Californian with Franco-European roots in Louisiana, Christopher Porché West began his artistic career by photographing and researching the antebellum “les gens de coleurs libres” or free people of color.  Sensitive to local culture, Porché West then photographed the daily lives of ordinary New Orleans creoles of color and African Americans including the elaborate costumes of Mardi Gras Indians, passing rites, community occurences, neighborhood scenes and jazz funerals .  


In Haiti, Porché West found further expressions of Franco-creole culture while photographing the lives and customs of ordinary Haitians.  His work aims at uncovering the essence or soul of both peoples and persons – his photographs capture the pathos and rudimentary beliefs of these cultures and, perhaps, all humanity.


With deep cultural roots and a heritage that included the founders of France’s colony of Louisiana, Porché West began defining himself and the direction of his photo documentaries as he slowly uncovered his family’s roots in Louisiana and France.

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