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About Bywater Bakery

Bywater Bakery was born in 2017 from a love of bakery and community. Nestled in the heart of the Bywater neighborhood in New Orleans, we are the neighborhood hub we always dreamed we would be. 

Whether it’s meeting up with friends for a pastry and coffee, picking up a cake to celebrate a loved one’s milestone, or grabbing a quick bite while walking the dogs, Bywater Bakery will brighten your day. The lines for Bagel Friday start early, move fast, and are a testament to the simple joy we bring. Our King Cakes are highlighted as one of the best in the city, and if you have spent much time in Louisiana, surely you have already fallen in love with Chantilly Cake, our baby. 


On weekends our love of live music shines, as world class musicians grace our steps. Dogs line up looking for “the bacon lady.” Kids dance off a sugar high. Friends who haven’t seen each other in a while bump into each other in line. Team members hustle by, bringing out delicious food.


And all that energy is what we call Happiness. 


In this house we believe: Black Lives Matter. Women’s rights are Human Rights. No Human is illegal. Science is real. Love is Love. KINDNESS IS EVERYTHING. 

We are passionate about supporting love and compassion in our community, and human rights around the world. Events occasionally compel the leadership of this business to take a stand. Whether supporting “Bakers Against Racism” raising funds to bail out incarcerated political protesters, “Stand with Ukraine” supporting Ukraine refugees fleeing genocide, or our continued partnership with Musicians Clinic’s Making Groceries Program. 


Those who believe that businesses should stay out of politics, we remind you that politics have an enormous impact on businesses and communities. One of the beautiful truths of owning our own shop is that we can promote our values. We respect that your values may differ from ours. And that’s ok. 


Above all, we hope you find joy on our little corner of Dauphine and Independence. 


Music Statement


In this unique city, where music seemingly permeates from every corner, keeping “bakers hours” has stifled our ability to find that beat. Because of this, we’ve decided to bring the music to us.     


We present a showcase for local talent on most weekends, as well as celebrating cultural holidays such as New Orleans Klezmer Allstars playing Christmas mornings for our bagel breakfasts, or having Black Masking Indians come through in full regalia on St. Joseph’s Day, or Brass Bands hitting…just because.


We’ve produced large block parties, and festivals with world-class national, and international artist, giving us a reputation as a go to spot for true New Orleans hospitality.

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